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Nick's Party w/ Averman and Epicentre - 19/8/03

 Right. All looked good. Homemade stage. Some crappy spotlights. And lots of free beer. All seemed cool.

Got there. Set up our stuff. Drank a beer and sat around for ages. Watched Epicentre play their set which included 'For Whom The Bell Tolls'. It also included their drummer Ben losing his bass pedal in the hedge when it was clearly lying right next to his foot. He also seemed to fall asleep several times throughout the set. Hopefully it wasn't the Epicentre music that was putting him to sleep. What a donk. Who's laughing now bitch!

Epicentre played an eternal set that got the lager flowing and the pit into a mild frenzy.

By the time we came onto the stage it was dark so the spotlights were turned on which were blinding. Everyone had by this point progressed into a seemingly drunken state with cans and bottles lyring everywhere (not to mention the bodies).

We opened for the third show running with the classic 'Safety in Numbers' which always seems to get the crowd moving at a high pace. Three and a half minutes into our set and the crowd was already worn out! We kept the pace going with live legend 'Mister Grohl' and 'Dancefloor Melody'.

People by this point were going nuts. I think we even spotted a few crowd-surfers which was a first for us.

The set came to a climax with 'Summer Romances' which we played for the first time live since recording it just a few days before.

'Pretend' closed the set again to the delight of all. Tom Epicentre added backing vocals on this and by the end of the song Matt's guitar was in the bushes along with a mic stand showing just how intense this song really is to the band and the crowd.

Averman then played a blistering set late into the night with a poor attempt at blink-182s early classic 'Strings' with Matt singing late on in the performance.

Overall it was the best mini-Reading we could have concocted with tents, half naked girls and cans of Carling everywhere.

By 12, most people were in a state of 'whatever'. All Luke's beer had been stolen and Matt was super pissed off at everyone. The townie twats nabbed the PA to put their 'music' through if you can really call it that. An angry Irish neighbour came to set them straight but only ended up the victim of drunken verbal abuse. At was at this point that Matt and Chris took matters into their own hands and in their anger at the derelict state of all these townie fools trashed the place hossing equipment into the bushes and bottles into the road.

We had enough at one point and hopped in Chapman's car and drove to Norwich for a doner pizza at the Best Turkish. The party they were having there was way better. Spice Girls and everything. Strangely enough, we got pulled over by the pigs on the way there and Tom got breathalized. He hadn't been drinking so we got off easy.

Good party overall though. One for the ages. After the 3 o'clock tractor highjacking though, I don't think we'll be doing it again.

Wymondham Football Club w/ Disclaymer & Nicky Rafis - 24/5/03
We never knew that playing live could be as much fun as it was at the football club in Wymondham.

At Less Than Jake at the UEA on Friday, good ol' James from Wine-O and Disclaymer informed us that Wine-O couldn't play on Saturday so could we play a set. 24 hours notice. That's the way we like it.

So we decided to go for it, even though we hadn't played together since the gig at the Ferryboat on the 29th of April. We decided to keep pretty much to the same set but with a few adjustments here and there.

It was free entry, so everyone spent all their hard-earned cash on beer..which was fine by us! We didn't pay for a pint the whole night!!

It was an awesome atmosphere to play in though. There were underage, drunk girls everywhere. R. Kelly would have been proud.

So Rafis opened with some decent acoustic covers (Radiohead, Feeder etc.) and then we came on. Cheers to the diamond geez who introduced us. He was a true legend.

We had a pit going by the second song which was awesome. Gibbs led the way obiviously. We joked about between songs and shocked the old people in the back. Everyone loved it though and actually got involved!!! Not like those stiffs at the 'Boat!

We played loads better than we did at the 'Boat. And you losies who didn't come out (you know who you are) missed out on an awesome night of alcohol and punk rock.

Matt would like to extend his thanks to the three girls who shared their wine with him (they knew who they are). He had fun. Yeah, boy.

Disclaymer came on a played a blistering set. How out ol' Morgan on the drums!? The two drunk geezers singing Wolverhampton Wolves football chants over the heavy metal were truly classic. Made our night. Cheers lads.

It all got out of hand in the last half an hour though. We got back on our instruments at about 10:30 and played another two songs. This time the whole place went absolutely nuts. We had people with us on 'stage' smacking cymbals and screaming into the mikes. Our songs had never sounded so good!! Cheers to Ashley for his death metal squealing.

Then Caffer and the boys got beat-boxing to cap off the night. It was a truly brilliant night which we were totally stoked to be a part of. It's gonna be hard to top this one I'm afraid. See you again soon.

Last night's set:
---------------AT 10:30----------------
CULTURE SHOCK (extended)

-CHRIS, MATT & NICK/may25/03

Norwich Ferryboat w/ Wine-O & Growling Fruitcake - 29/4/03
Our first Norwich gig and we were pretty nervous to say the least. Whether it was reflected in our set or not, you'll have to ask someone who went.

Being the first band on always sucks, but we dealt with it. There weren't as many people as we expected but hell, who gives a damn.

We'd had two Plug practices in a week, so we were pretty well prepared.

We blasted through the set in about 35 minutes. It was weird because even the GF metalheads loved us! What a treat!

To say we were energetic is a bit of an understatement. We damn well lost it. Seriously, there was no holding back. It was our first live set and no-one was gonna stop us from enjoying it.

The turnout to see us was especially poor, after the amount of people we told. Han and Greg obviously cuz they're hardcore. Rob turned up which was cool. And cheers to Stace and Mickey who bothered to come out. It was cool to see you guys there. Screw everyone else though. Don't expect us to ever come and support you (not that many of you are in a band, but some of you are).

Anyways, it was a super fun night apart from the waiting around before hand. But once we got into it, it was cool.

Thanks to James from Wine-O for hooking us up with the gig in he first place. And to Growling Fruitcake for saying 'significant' in such a cool fashion. Hopefully we'll see you all again soon.

Last night's set:
SHE (not played)

-CHRIS, MATT & NICK/apr30/03