Chris (Bass)
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Name: Chris Darby

Age: 17

Plays: Hohner Jazz Bass, Hohner B2B Box through Laney 150 watt head, Peavey 2x10 and 1x15 cabs, Planet Waves leads, Jim Dunlop pics, Stagg gig bags and stand

Favourite Bands: Alkaline Trio, blink-182, NOFX, Capdown, King Prawn, Rancid, Roni Size, Prodigy, Ralph Myerz, Goldie, Machinehead, System of a Down, Anti-Flag, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Goldfinger, Wine-O, Goober Patrol, Project Mork, Running on Empty cuz their guitarist gives me loads of free stuff.

Favourite Movies: Fight Club, Matrix Reloaded, Kill Bill, Dog Soldiers, The Fugitive, City of God

Bass Idols: Mark Hoppus, Matt Freeman, Fat Mike, Tim Commerford, Flea, Barbar Luck (obviously), Boob, My Dad, Your Mum, Aldred and Bazza

Best Drummer in the World: Lizard boi Barker (lose them tats big man)

Favourite Band to Gig With: Powley because Luke keeps the show going when we have technical difficulties and Wine-O for bringing the destruction. They're true punks with their 'don't give a shit' attitude.

If you could open for any band? Alkaline Trio because they're such talented musicians unlike me and Matt who just generally suck.

Favourite song to play live: 'Safety in Numbers' because it sends the pit into a wild frenzy even though it's not that much of a hardcore song (apart from the Ferryboat stiffs.)

Ideal Bass setup: Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray through an Ampeg wall of 8x10s and a 800 watt Mesa Boogie head (oh yeah)


Top 5 Bands that KERRANG! think are good but actually suck ass:
1. Simple Plan
2. Linkin Park
3. Good Charlotte
4. Avril Lavigne
5. Slipknot

Top 5 Punk Bands:
1. HoFx
2. Wink 182
3. Wancid
4. Silverfinger
5. CapUp

Top 5 Types of Kebab:
1. Doner
2. Kofte
3. Shish
4. Chicken
5. Meat suprise



  Capdown = Legends


El Boobo
  King Prawn for Presidents of the USA


El Babaro

I am a dork.