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Culture Shock
Right is wrong
When they open their mouths you can't trust a single word they say

Impeach, move forward
Now's our time to take a stand

Believe us when we say
That we won't take any more of this
Our time has come, our time is now
So let's make the most of it


Rise up
We can't progress until we back off
Terror's first contriction over
It's over



Boys and girls that don't have a home
They can't find the money to feed themselves
I know where it is
It's dropping from the sky

It's all too common
Guns and bombs and
We can't seem to rid the world of
Those leading
and those pleading for their lives to just be left alone

---Chorus x2---

Look right, look left
Look at me, what do you see
Someone that needs you more than him
Something is gonna have to give
What's more we've just begun to live

Breathe in, breathe out
Just let it go, you oughta know
New days are dawning all the time
New mountains wanting us to climb
There's nothing left to lose or find

Good days, good nights
Come follow me, I'll set you free
Temptation caving in around
Eye that look at me like they've found
My mind's connection with the sound

Feels wrong, feels right
Taste my pain, it's all to gain
The world you're living in's not real
Nor the emotion that you feel
Scars that you left me with won't heal


Memories left won't fade away
Regret it more each passing day
But now there's nothing left to say

Can't surrender to you again
Love you forever now and then
I'll never try, never pretend

Summer Romances
The moon is shining
And the night is getting older
And it feels like
Nothing's gonna happen

Summer's back again
And this time it's so much more fun than it's ever been
Cause I'm spending it with you


This night won't last forever
But I couldn't ask for more
She makes this life worth living
And I know she's never gonna leave me

If I could fall in love
With anyone tonight
These summer romances
Make everything feel, right


I can't concieve it
That I'm sitting on your front porch
Drinking red wine
And dreaming of days gone by

This feeling's back again
And this time it's so much more than it has ever been before